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Monday, May 10, 2021

Tea & Medals A new podcast from military experts BFBS

On the 20th May, military charity and media organisation BFBS will be releasing its latest fascinating podcast, Tea & Medals, available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube and bfbs.com/podcasts.

Tea & Medals follows former soldier, and BFBS video producer, Darren Coventry as he talks to men and women who’ve received the UK’s highest military honours. They describe the captivating stories behind their acts of courage, bravery and valour.

We also hear from those who witnessed the incidents behind these honours, who tell the story from their perspective and paint a fascinating picture of the personalities involved. The tales are told in true military style, complete with customary armed forces humour, self-deprecation and a brew.

Episode one, titled Chris Balmforth MC, tells the story of Corporal Chris “Barney” Balmforth who was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery in Iraq. He tells how he fought off up to 10 heavily armed Iraqi terrorists and saved the lives of four of his comrades when his Land Rover was ambushed by rebels in Basra.

Darren Coventry was also there that day, serving with the Royal Military Police. He talks to Chris, his commanding officers and fellow soldiers who tell him what happened and why Chris’s incredible actions earned him the Military Cross.

For more information, please contact laura.mcturk@bfbs.com

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Victory Services Club - Sign Up Your Spouse For Free

Did you know, if you're currently serving in the Armed Forces your VSC Membership entitles your spouse to also become a member for free.

Click here to learn more


Friday, May 7, 2021

D is For Deployment


Real Mums are Role Models

Calling all Regular and Reserve Army mums, mums to be and mums whose babies were taken too soon.

You are all incredible, active women and we want to celebrate that! The British Army have teamed up with the Active Pregnancy Foundation to join their Real Mums are Role Models​ competiti​on.​​​​

For full T&Cs see: https://www.activepregnancyfoundation.org/campaigns.

Pictures do not have to be recent, but must relate to you being pregnant, with your children or conducting physical activity as part of your inspirational motherhood story. 

There is no obligation for you to submit an entry in uniform, but we would love it if you do!​

Army Eats Competition


Cook your way to victory 

Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May 21 – Promoting Positive Mental Wellbeing

The past 14 months has challenged humanity across the globe, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as we have battled to overcome a virus that has spread fear and loneliness throughout our communities.

It is therefore appropriate that we should use National Mental Health Awareness Week to promote positive mental wellbeing in our “community.” On behalf of 1 (UK) Div, 11X is hosting a programme of events designed to help us engage with and develop our mental wellbeing and resilience. 

The presentations are open to serving personnel (Reg &Res) Service families and civilian staff. From mindfulness to animal therapies, access to wellbeing tools and taster sessions, these presentations are intended to be fun, engaging and appealing to all of us. All are welcome!

There is no need to pre-register, just click on the link for each presentation from a personal device. The link will be live 20 minutes before each presentation starts.

For further information email: Jodie.Kennedy-Smith940@mod.gov.uk or lee.mullett864@mod.gov.uk

View the full programe details click here

Tax Free Mwst Form Update

In the Westernstrasse, some customers take advantage of the reopening of the retail trade for a shopping spree. | © Benedikt Riemer

The AFF Germany rep sat down with NAAFI Sennelager this week to get an update on some changes to the tax free forms.

Who is eligible to get the tax free forms?
Head of Household who has been given SOFA Status – therefore has to have registered with GEO / GSU to be BA(G) entitled prior to registering with NAAFI OPA.

Can they have more than 1 name on? 
Yes. Although only Head of  Household  is now entitled to the forms, we have been advised we can add the name and ID number of their partner if the partner also has SOFA status and has registered with NAAFI OPA.

How many can be issued at a time and is that per person or per family? 
5 forms can be held by the Head of  Household at one time.

How much is each form? 
Forms are €3 each and last for 6 months.

Are unused forms refundable?
Yes – expired forms are replaced free of charge as long as the expired form is returned. Anyone at EOT can return any unused forms and will be given a refund.